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Help Save the Bees

Dimensions: 38" X 80" 60" X 80" 76" X 80" 72" X 84 2 X 38" X 80"

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The Save The Bees 501c3 Non Profit Operation Honey Bee  With your help we can fight to Save The Bees and other pollinators!  100% of your donation goes to support our pollinators and protect Bees! Life as we know it depends on Honey Bees and you support as we encourage our supporters to become involved in our plan.  Operation Honey Bee, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization officially recognized by the IRS. Charitable gifts & contribution are tax deductible. Once through checkout you will receive a copy to keep for your tax records. Please help every little bit counts! BEE the Change "YOU wish to SEE" in the World! Save Bees & Other PollinatorsOperation Honey Bee is a conscious movement Worldwide that serves in protecting Honey Bees. We promote and advocate sustainable agricultural practices that help Honey Bees. We are the voice that protects bees by speaking out about the enormous threats of GEO PATHIC Stress causing bee deaths. We are the change in consumer opinion to stop unsustainable agricultural corporations that directly impact declining Honey Bee populations. Our goal is to ensure that pollinator populations are restored.TOGETHER we can Change the World!Operation Honey Bee, Inc is a recognized 501c3 Charitable Tax Deductible Non Profit Organization. 100% of donations go toward saving Bees.Donate Now And Receive A Certificate