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Thank you for your interest in our technology, we are thrilled to share what we believe to be the most advanced commercially available sleep system today. It’s our position that our rest enhancement technology is one of the best innovations that the sleep sector has enjoyed in decades. Our hope and goal is that the Anti Aging Bed® sleep system will enhance your life, that of your loved ones and spread into bedrooms all throughout our country and eventually… the world. In fact, the Anti Aging Bed® is already being distributed across North America, Canada, as well as Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more! 



It has been said that experience is the best teacher and we have found that our consumers who try the technology, buy our technology. The best way a person can start seeing and feeling the benefits of this special one-of-a-kind product immediately is by… allowing yourself the luxury of the deep, restorative and regenerative sleep the Anti Aging Bed® can provide. Most people notice benefits right away and continue to report improvements with regular use. Some consumers are so enamored with our rest enhancement technology, they buy a second Anti Aging Bed® system to take with them on travel. 



So we’ve all heard it before, “Free Radicals are bad.”  But… What the heck is a free radical anyway and why do I care? Simply put, a free radical is just a particle in the body missing an electron contributing to particle instability. This instability caused by the missing electron leads to damage of not only the particle itself, but left unchecked can cascade into further destruction to surrounding tissue, spreading like a wildfire all throughout your body. The question becomes, “How do I stop this free radical damage?” Enter another familiar, yet also esoteric, confusing term… the “antioxidant.” Ultimately, an antioxidant is simply anything that can DONATE an electron, NEUTRALIZING the free radical and arresting the avalanche of destruction caused by those out of control free radicals. Ideally a person wants enough antioxidants on-board for you to successfully combat free radicals.  



So humans use antioxidants to slow, stop and in some cases… reverse the destructive influence that free radicals can cause. But where are all these antioxidants to be found? Well, a number of predictable places actually can and often do supply antioxidants. High quality food and of course nutritional supplements like vitamins are readily available sources of antioxidants. Now, what is really interesting is that NATURE created an infinite repository of free electrons readily available for donation and use in the human body that’s almost never thought of… the Earth itself. Turns out that the surface of the Earth is dense with free, bio-available electrons. Plants absorb these electrons from the ground, animals eat the plants and they then absorb the plant’s electrons. Because most animals are in constant contact with the Earth, they themselves are also absorbing the planet's surface electrons to deal with their own free radicals. But what about people…



So science successfully decoded the Human Genome in 1998. Among the many discoveries subsequent to this event, we learn that humans are designed to be in near constant contact with the surface of the Earth. But why is direct physiologic contact with the Earth important? Apparently, humans can and are constructed to absorb the Earth’s bio-available free electrons via the semiconductor of our skin… It turns out that we can absorb the Earth’s surface electrons (mechanical antioxidants) with greater efficacy for free radical disassociation than via ingestion of foods or even supplementation (nutritional antioxidants), so why don’t we? Most humans miss out on the benefit of mechanical antioxidants because we exist in a state of near infinite suspended animation ABOVE & insulated FROM the Earth with rubber soled shoes and synthetic flooring. Does Nature differentiate the efficacy of electron donation for human benefit based on source - mechanical or nutritional? No… to Nature, an electron is an electron is an electron. 


Photo Bio Modulation: “To INFRARED… and beyond !” (that’s Far-Infra-Red FIR)

Light plays a much more influential role in Human existence than that of simply allowing us to spot and track our prey. Our skin contains photoreceptor sites that both detect and react to intensity, duration and wavelengths of various forms of light thereby producing specific, predictable & reproducible biological outcomes. For example, some waveforms of light assist in supporting wakefulness, some wavelengths signal that it’s time to rest and some waveforms - like the infrared spectrum and beyond - stimulate the production of cellular energy (ATP) in the mitochondria (the powerhouse) of the cell. It’s true… more biological energy production makes for better health outcomes.  


100% Pure Nano Silver Technology

Our nano silver thread is both the conductive medium as well as antimicrobial powerhouse of the Anti Aging Bed Cover. Many well documented clinical trials prove that silver is antimicrobial, anti odor and antivirus. In hospitals today, silver powered by X-STATIC® is used in bedding and bandages, treat burn victims, destroy pathogenic microbes and combat dangerous viruses just to name a few. Naturally occurring bacteria on your body feed on older dying skin cells and this process can serve as a breeding ground for microbes. Nano silver makes it safe to sleep again. Silver releases positive ions that attract harmful bacteria's negatively charged ions - effectively disarming their impact.


This is all very interesting but, at the end of the day - what does any of this have to do with the Anti Aging Bed® cover?

Our patented Anti Aging Bed® bed cover has three primary functions: 

  1. Electron transfer to dissociate free radicals.
  2. Stimulation of cellular metabolism and enhancement of energy production through photo bio-modulation (light)
  3. Reduce exposure and impact of harmful microbes



  • Anti Aging Bed® - 86232808 US Registered & Approved
  • A2B® - 86099048 US Registered & Approved
  • Anti Oxidant Bed® - 86270350 US Registered & Approved


  • 9,332,855 B2 US APPROVED
  • 9,691,516 B2 US APPROVED
  • 16,035,492 US PATENT PENDING