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Your Comprehensive Guide to Wellness Solutions

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of all that Anti Aging Bed has to offer. Our detailed Catalog, supplemented by user-friendly guides and manuals, ensures that you are well-equipped to maximize the benefits of your wellness solutions. For a more visual experience, dive into video walkthroughs showcasing our standout products, such as the  Anti Aging Bed Cover and the Tesla coils. Whether you're a seasoned user or just beginning your journey, we've tailored our resources to provide you with a seamless and informed experience.

Wash Instructions

All of our patented grounded products are washable. Be sure to unsnap your grounding cord first, then wash on a gentle cycle. Always wash using all natural soap and finish by air drying. Smaller pieces can be hand washed as needed. To preserve the life of the nanosilver, we recommend protecting your bed cover with an all natural sheet. In order for your body to absorb the grounding & to be moisture-wicked on the sheet, it is required to be made of all natural fibers (100% cotton, bamboo, etc.).

The Voltage Meter

Dive into the intricate world of body currents with our Voltage Meter. This essential tool is designed to provide accurate measurements, empowering you to understand and effectively manage your body's electrical state. With precision at your fingertips, you'll be well-equipped to maintain optimal balance and enhance overall well-being. Discover the power of truly understanding your body's currents.

Check out the Wellness Meter Instructions

Anti Aging Bed Cover

Experience the magic of grounded sleep with our Anti Aging Bed Cover. Crafted to ensure you're connected to the natural healing power of the earth, this bed cover provides a serene escape for both body and mind. As you rest, let the gentle grounding embrace soothe away stress and tension, bringing harmony, balance, and a centered peace to your nightly routine. Sleep deeply, rejuvenate completely, and awaken refreshed with the Anti Aging Bed Cover.

Check out the Anti Aging Bed Cover Instructions

Tesla Coil

This groundbreaking device harnesses the power of vortex implosive electric fields, setting a new standard in physiotherapy. By generating a symphony of energies, the Tesla Coil interacts with the body's natural rhythms, offering a unique and transformative therapeutic experience. Elevate your health and well-being journey with the innovative capabilities of the Tesla Coil.

Check out the Tesla Coil Instruction Manual.

Sound Sleep

Be gently guided away from the day's chaos, leading you towards a realm of serenity and peace. Embrace the profound relaxation, feeling the weight of stress melt away, and prepare for a night of undisturbed, rejuvenating rest. Sound Sleep is not just a promise, it's an experience of complete mental and physical tranquility.

Check out the Sound Sleep Instruction Manual.