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Discover everything you need to know about using your new wellness solutions from Anti Aging Bed in the guides and manuals below. Or video walk throughs of our most popular products, the Anti Aging Bed Cover and Tesla coils!

Wash Instructions

All of our patented grounded products are washable. Be sure to unsnap your grounding cord first, then wash on a gentle cycle. Always wash using all natural soap and finish by air drying. Smaller pieces can be hand washed as needed. To preserve the life of the nanosilver, we recommend protecting your bed cover with an all natural sheet. In order for your body to absorb the grounding & to be be moisture-wicked on the sheet, it is required to be made of all natural fibers (100% cotton, bamboo, etc.).

The Voltage Meter

Measure and manage your body's current.

Check out the Wellness Meter Instructions

Anti Aging Bed Cover

Grounded sleep soothes the body and centers the mind.

Check out the Anti Aging Bed Cover Instructions

Tesla Coil

This highly effective device of vortex implosive electric field physiotherapy.

Check out the Tesla Coil Instruction Manual.

Sound Sleep

Soothe your body and mind.

Check out the Sound Sleep Instruction Manual.