What To Know About Shipping Delays

What Is Delayed?

Although nothing can stop us from delivering transformative sleep to the world, we are currently experiencing shipping delays for our sleep products. We promise it will be worth the wait!

Why Did This Delay Happen?

Demand for our innovative sleep technology is so great that inventory needs replenishing. We are working with our manufacturing team to increase production and shippers to expedite orders every day.

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Anti Aging Bed® the solution to better sleep.

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Leaving less of a footprint is extremely important to us. We love our planet and our product is built with love. The goal of becoming the most sustainable product is a dream of ours.

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Solving Problems.

The CDC states that lack of sleep is a world wide epidemic. We believe we solved this problem by connecting you to nature.

Connect to Disconnect
“Finally, a breakthrough innovation that offers an easy solution to our daily exposure to environmental stress! Anti Aging Bed is a must have if you want to be pro-active with the health for your entire family.
Dr. Megan Pasookhush, PharmD, RPh, FAAMM, ABAAHP