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About Us

Transforming Wellness Around The World

The Anti Aging Bed is a new category of wellness! By using our patented information age technology, the healing and biological process is enhanced – accelerating rejuvenation. The Anti Aging Bed is for all people who want to live a better, more fulfilling life!

Our Journey So Far

Founded by John Baxter, Anti Aging Beds' mission is to make the world well again, all from the comfort of home. Our wellness solutions incorporate new innovative technologies and proven natural remedies that are thousands of years old. It's a big mission but John has never shied away from hard work.

After all, he developed the world's first mattress with FDA determined health benefits and took on mattress industry titan Sleep Number in court and won. Proving that they had knowingly infringed on his US patents. Since that victory, he and the Anti Aging Bed team have continued creating innovations that help others. All backed by industry-leading engineers and medical doctors.

It's worth the effort when our customers enjoy real results like this every day!

Patented Technology For True Wellness

  • Our US Approved Patents utilize an anti-oxidation effect from grounding the body static. The sleep system neutralizes free radicals by bathing the body innumerable healthy negative ions! Also embedded into the fabric is Far InfraRed technology that increases oxygen utilization in the body causing quicker rejuvenation. Portions of technology is close to an FDA approval.
  • A patented way to ground the body. The only bed that has a truly conductive cover that grounds using conductive nano-silver thread. Offers a superior anti microbial effect and blocks EMF when grounded.
What Makes Us Different

Our team created a new category of rejuvenation technologies that prove the solution to cellular level damage that begins with supplying our bodies with a rich supply of anti oxidants. Cell enrichment, combined with shielding our bodies from oxidative stress and environmental toxins, provides a reliable and sustainable solution to the onslaught of cellular disruption we are exposed to in our daily lives.

Unlike traditional "commodity" mattresses, our sleep system is the next stage in the evolution in wellness. Will always combine the latest technologies that help increase the processes naturally. Doctor and Wellness endorsed.