About us

Innovations in technology that improve lives.

The technology you are inquiring about speaks to the amazing connection that surrounds all of us. Our mission wasn’t by chance. In fact, it’s a narrative about healing ourselves amidst the stresses of the modern world. We found that losing connection to nature meant losing connection to ourselves and others which falls back to the importance of health. Our story starts with a problem and a very personal one for us all. We are a group of individuals that want to transform the way the world sleeps!

We are the company that is utilizing breakthroughs in technology in an industry that uses outdated technology. When our founder John Baxter, a mattress veteran and innovator decided to create the future, he did just that with Anti Aging Bed. It didn’t come easy, as he and his team worked tirelessly with the best doctors and engineers he could find. The outcome was obvious, and with the help of Dr Carder, not only did we secure multiple US Approved patents, we started changing lives with just a prototype. We merged it all together nature, science, and technology. We then were able to augment proven technologies for cellular regeneration for a mattress. It only made sense to decided to modernize the mattress industry and create an entirely new category of sleep, the Anti Aging Bed® category was born.

Our hope is that our product helps you find balance, wellness, and health in the most pleasant and fulfilling ways. Our goal is to inspire others. In this place we can change the world.

Lets, Transform the Way the World Sleeps!

Meet the Team

John Baxter

Founder / President

Dr. Greg Carder

Founder / Vice President

Anna Gallo

Chief Finance Officer

Tony Gallo

Chief Operation Officer

Gavin Elliot

General Council

Who we are

Why the hexagonal shape in the brand logo and product design?

The carbon atom and human DNA have 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons - a perfect 3 dimensional cube and the building blocks of life. The hexagonal shape used in our logos showcase the most efficient form and shape found in nature. H2O or water is hexagonal in structure and so is the honey comb. You will find fine details of the product are based on expressions found in nature. Scientist and mathematicians know that the patterns in nature show up in measurable mathematical sequences and structures. Nature teaches us that everything is symbiotic, this mutual beneficial and connective relationship helps us know we are on the right path. Connecting Humanity.