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Attention Health Professionals & Practitioners! Discover a holistic avenue to augment your income while championing your patients' well-being. Introducing the Anti Aging Bed Cover – a patented marvel (US Patents: 9,332,855 B2 & 9,691,516 B2) transforming the landscape of sleep, recovery, and rejuvenation. It champions the myriad health advantages of grounding, far-infrared technology, and silver-infused fabric.

By becoming an esteemed Provider for the Anti Aging Bed, you unlock a dual opportunity: the privilege to recommend a groundbreaking wellness tool, combined with the benefit of generating additional revenue. Every product acquisition through your distinct Provider Code and web link translates to a commission for you.

This innovative cover doesn't just promote a restful sleep; it serves as an emblem of holistic health and vitality. And by endorsing it, you're not just enhancing the lives of your patients. You're elevating your stature in the medical community. By associating with this wellness innovation, you project yourself as a forward-thinking, patient-first professional, ever on the quest for the best.

Step into the future of holistic health. Become an Anti Aging Bed Provider and watch as you catalyze transformative wellness, all while bolstering your practice's reputation and revenue.

Embark on a Wellness Revolution

Step into a transformative role as an Affiliate Provider for the Anti Aging Bed cover. This isn't just an opportunity for added income; it's a chance to champion holistic health and wellness for your valued patients. Embrace a movement that emphasizes both well-being and revolutionary sleep solutions. Interested in making a difference? Complete the form below to dive deeper and embark on this rewarding journey with us.

Support Patient Wellness Technology 

Envisioned and brought to life by John Baxter, the Anti Aging Bed Cover isn't just a product—it's a symphony of trusted wellness solutions. Designed to synergistically work together, this creation aims to restore balance and promote holistic well-being. With its patented technology receiving FDA determination, its efficacy is endorsed by renowned doctors and esteemed biohacking experts. Dive into an experience where innovation meets time-tested wellness traditions.

  • Patented process grounding neutralizes free radicals in the body
  • Patented conductive bed cover grounds using conductive nano-silver thread.


  • 9,332,855 B2 US APPROVED
  • 9,691,516 B2 US APPROVED
  • 16,035,492 US PATENT PENDING

The Many Benefits Of Anti Aging Bed Patented Technology 

Patient Benefits

Empower your patients to unlock unparalleled wellness right within their sanctuary. With products from Anti Aging Bed, you provide them with tools that are not just innovative but also designed to seamlessly fit into their daily lives. Guide them towards a holistic health journey, all from the familiarity and comfort of their own space.

Anti Aging Bed Cover

Improve cellular regeneration.

Neutralizes wayward electric charges within the body.

Mitigate harmful digital signals.

Restore the body's natural frequency.

Doctors & Biohacking Experts Agree

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