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We believe everyone deserves lifelong wellness. We're pioneering meaningful solutions to help you live a better, more fulfilling life. All from the comfort of home, ensuring your patients continue to improve.

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Achieving a neutral electrical charge helps to reduce cellular inflammation and enhance the body's performance.

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The use of concentrated frequencies on the body has many benefits across the spectrums of wellness.

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Far infrared light waves from the sun can do wonders for the body. We harnessed this power to put wellness in the palm of your hand.

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The many benefits of healing touch are made possible with direct, purposeful contact with the body.

Support Patient Wellness Technology With Med Bed

Created by John Baxter, the Med Bed is a collection of proven wellness solutions working in harmony to help make you whole. Its patented, FDA Determined technology is backed by prominent doctors and biohacking professionals.

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  • Patented process of anti-oxidation grounding neutralizes free radicals in the body.
  • Patented conductive bed cover grounds using conductive nano-silver thread.

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Doctors & Biohacking Experts Agree

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The Many Benefits Of Med Beds

Patient Benefits

Help your patients maximize their wellness, all from the comfort of their own home with Med Beds from Anti Aging Bed.

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  1. Improve circulation and cellular regeneration.
  2. Neutralizes wayward electric charges within the body.
  3. Mitigate harmful digital signals.
  4. Reduce cellular inflammation.
  5. Restore the body's natural frequency.

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