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Bed Covers

Stay grounded while sleeping with patented protection.


Regulate digital signals entering your body while working.

EMF Shielding

Neutralizes all harmful signals from electronics day and night.


Enhance your daily waking performance and senses.

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Select the payment option that works best for you. Take a step towards health and wellness. Don’t forget the sheets, pillows, or the Zero Gravity Bed™ Adjustable!

Sustainable Approach

Leaving less of a footprint is extremely important to us. We love our planet and our product is built with love. The goal of becoming the most sustainable product is a dream of ours.

Seamless Delivery

Despite material and shipping delays, our friendly team is committed to full transparency and open lines of communication throughout the order, shipping, and delivery processes.

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Empower yourself.

Take the first step of sleeping on the Anti Aging Bed®. Get all the benefits of this amazing one-of-a-kind technology.

Radically Different.

Our technology is Revolutionary. We go to work when you go to bed. Serves your regeneration at night and well being during the day.

Solving Problems.

The CDC states that lack of sleep is a world wide epidemic. We believe we solved this problem by connecting you to nature.