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Dina V. Happily Cuddling With Her Husband And Baby.

Dina V.

Happy Customer & Sleeper Since 2020

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I tried this bed cover shortly after the birth of our wonderful child. It helped me recover faster, sleep deeper, and wake up more energized. I might just be the world's most well-rested new mother."

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    Top Doc Clinics

    An industry leader in health care and providing a diverse array of medicine including urgent care, family care, and revitalizing treatments.

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    American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

    Licensed medical professionals dedicated to advancing health technologies that alleviate aging-associated ailments.

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    Health & Freedom Conference

    A grand celebration of like-minded health and wellness professionals and personalities from around the world.

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    Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

    The premier international luxury hotel and resort brand with more than 100 prominent locations worldwide.

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    A leading alternative news network focused on covering life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in America.

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    Biohacking Congress

    The definitive gathering of health, fitness, and wellness professionals in the United States. They believe Anti Aging solutions are the future of care.

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New Paradigms In Wellness

We're passionate about creating patented technology that reduces inflammation, accelerates rejuvenation, and helps people better their lives.

We Help Make The World Well


Studies have linked electrically grounding your body with better sleep, optimized cell tissue growth and repair, enhanced blood flow, and improved electrical activity of the brain. Our solutions make grounding so easy you can do it while sleeping.

Get Grounded


Much like your body has an optimal sleep schedule, it also has an optimal frequency. The benefits of cycling through and applying specific frequency waves are promising. Kidney Stones are broken up with intense, high-frequency waves. It stands to reason that certain frequencies may help neutralize and break up compromised cells.

Fix Your Frequency


Vibration in all its forms is the purest energy source. UV, Far Infrared, and more have been linked to benefits like enhanced circulation, increased production of vitamin D, and improved mood.

Enjoy Good Vibrations


Hyperoxygenation of your cells can increase feelings of euphoria and promising studies have shown it stimulates cellular recovery, boosts immune system performance, and delivers refreshing relief.

Take Deeper Breaths

Shop Our Most Popular Products

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What Is A Med Bed?

Med Beds are surrounded by misinformation. Like they were made by the government to help veterans regrow limbs for free. The truth is, that technology is still decades away. Our Med Bed System is real, patented, and designed to enhance and extend your body's performance. Layering our solutions amplifies their anti-aging benefits.

  • Anti Aging Bed Cover

    Woven with silver, the Anti Aging Bed Cover grounds the body’s electrical current and reduces inflammation.

  • Biohacking Mattress

    The supportive cushioning of Biohacking Mattress is perfect for side sleepers that love cooling comfort and deep memory foam.

  • BioShield Pillowcase

    The perfect pillowcase protects you while asleep. Enjoy all the grounding and EMF protection benefits of our Anti Aging Bed Cover for your pillows.

  • Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed Frame

    We believe comfort keeps you well and that it should adjust to meet your needs. Beyond comfort, it also improves circulation.

  • Terahertz Wand

    This is a magic wand for wellness. It applies soothing heat and UV light to the skin which increases circulation and provides instant relief on demand.

  • BioShield Office Station

    Stay protected while using your favorite devices and enjoy the same grounding benefits of our bed cover with the complete BioShield Office Station.

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Dr. Fab Mancini In A Suit Pointing And Smiling.

Dr. Fab Mancini

As Seen On: The Doctors, CNN, FOX News, Dr. Phil

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The Med Bed is the perfect companion for chiropractic care. It facilitates recovery while sleeping. I love it!"

Buy Your Med Bed

Creating Your Perfect Wellness Solution

By using our patented offerings together, you enhance and extend each of their benefits. This freedom of choice ensures your unique wellness needs are always satisfied.

Close Up Of A Woman's Hands Wearing Jewelry And Typing On A Laptop Keyboard.

Order Now, Pay Over Time

Don't empty your savings account to buy the wellness you need when we offer hassle-free financing. Custom, no credit needed options are available. Simply select your preferred financing provider at checkout to apply.