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The Med Bed Story

We have released a new book called:

The Med Bed Story: End Human Suffering

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Med Beds

Our Med Bed Products enhance the body's natural rejuvenation process by using patented information age technology. This revolutionary grounding technology promotes wellness and a better quality of life.

Med Bed Collection


Studies have linked electrically grounding your body with better sleep, optimized cell tissue growth and repair, enhanced blood flow, and improved electrical activity of the brain. Our solutions make grounding so easy you can do it while sleeping.

Get Grounded


Much like your body has an optimal sleep schedule, it also has an optimal frequency. The benefits of cycling through and applying specific frequency waves are promising. It stands to reason that certain frequencies may help neutralize and break up compromised cells.

Fix Your Frequency
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  • #3 The Med Bed Story

    We have released a new book called "The Med Bed Story: End Human Suffering". Get your copy today.

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"The Med Bed is the perfect companion for chiropractic care. It facilitates recovery while sleeping. I love it!"

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Creating Your Perfect Wellness Solution

By using our patented offerings together, you enhance and extend each of their benefits. This freedom of choice ensures your unique wellness needs are always satisfied.

  • Anti Aging Bed Cover

    Woven with silver, the Anti Aging Bed Cover grounds the body’s electrical current.

  • Biohacking Mattress

    The supportive cushioning of Biohacking Mattress is perfect for side sleepers that love cooling comfort and deep memory foam.

  • BioShield Pillowcase

    The perfect pillowcase protects you while asleep. Enjoy all the grounding and EMF protection benefits of our Anti Aging Bed Cover for your pillows.

  • Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed Frame

    We believe comfort keeps you well and that it should adjust to meet your needs. Beyond comfort, it also improves circulation.

  • Terahertz Wand

    This is a magic wand for wellness. It applies soothing heat and UV light to the skin which increases circulation and provides instant relief on demand.

  • BioShield Office Station

    Stay protected while using your favorite devices and enjoy the same grounding benefits of our bed cover with the complete BioShield Office Station.

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