Tesla Healing Coil Plus Parasite Stage 3

Dimensions: 38" X 80" 60" X 80" 76" X 80" 72" X 84 2 X 38" X 80"

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Get the complete Stage 3 Tesla Coil healing system for home use.

Set includes:

1 - Baxter Biohealth Sine Wave Frequency Machine
1 - Original Tesla Torus Healing Paddle
1 - PEMF Coil For Deep Spot Healing
1 - Flower Of Life Tesla Torus Healing Paddle
1 - Labyrinth Pattern  Tesla Torus Healing Paddle
1 - Parasite Removing Resonance Technology

Everything found in stage 1 & 2! Plus Tesla parasite technology designed to help remove internal parasites real time. Save yourself time during your healing process. Utilize the extra paddles and fine tune your healing by pinpointing your individual and specific issues real time. The PEMF helps with pain and pinpoint deep core issues. The different paddles helps close the gap in stagnate energy by using natural patterns found in nature. Helps recovery, purify, and detox the body by increasing bio force energy within the body. Utilizing natural Tesla frequency patterns to maximize cellular function, recovery, and energy.

Start with kidneys for 15 minutes daily and work your way up. Stay with kidneys for first week. During the second week you can use on other parts of the body. Completely safe to use. If you have a pacemaker or are pregnant refrain from using this product and get a doctors recommendations. Increase increments dosage of Tesla healing frequency to 30 minutes after 2 weeks. After four weeks work yourself up to 45 minutes. The coil can be placed on any part of the body. Great for internal stagnation, poor energy patterns, poor sleep, recovery, pain, stiffness, toxins, and reviving cellular function.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

* 1 year full warranty for use within the terms and conditions.

Make Your Set Complete Optional Add-Ons:

Stage 1:
Karma 12" Mattress (Other Sizes Available Call Now)
Stage 2:
Adjustable Bed (Zero Gravity Sleep Position)(Other Sizes Available Call Now)
Stage 3:
Body Scanning & Anti Aging MedBed Massage Lounger

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