Telomere 4000 Bio MedBed

Dimensions: 38" X 80" 60" X 80" 76" X 80" 72" X 84 2 X 38" X 80"

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All Technologies are available on our site and can be purchased separately. Baxter Biohealth represents the first MedBed technology to market. Patent proven better quality sleep, no need for crazy exercise programs, diets, or pills... Simply sleep your way to better health!

4000 Includes Products From Our Store:

Included Telomere Technology! Charged by Tesla Coil, Rare Earth Minerals to increase telomere length by 3.5% a year if used weekly! Turn the close around, your biological age has nothing to do with your chronological age!

Baxter Biohealth Telomere Cover (Utilize Up To 1 hour daily)

Anti Aging Bed Cover (Other Sizes Available Call Now)
EMF Shielding Dome Canopy - Proven Faraday Protection
Baxter BioShield Complete Home & Office Protection - Complete Set
Tesla Coil 2 pc Paddle Torus Field Technology - Healing & Detoxification
PEMF Coil Vortex Field Technology - Healing & Detoxification
Smart EMF Harmony - Complete Heart & Brain Coherence Oscillator.
The Sauce 5 pc Set - Transdermal Biotechnology
Detox Anti Aging Sleep Eye Mask

*Free Honey & Donation Towards Saving Bees! 501c3 Operation Honey Bee

Optional Core Unit MedBed Technologies:

Stage 1:
12" Gel Mattress (Other Sizes Available Call Now)
Stage 2:
Adjustable Bed (Zero Gravity Sleep Position)(Other Sizes Available Call Now)
Stage 3:
MedBed Massage Lounger

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