Ripped at 50 - Journey To Self Love by Troy Casey

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Commentary from the Troy Casey's Book!

5 Star Review - This is a great book for any age group.

Being told I was fat taught me about proper nutrition:
  • It taught me how to cleanse the body to look trimmer and younger than I had in years,
  • It led me to amass a list of herbs and supplements that helped me stay trim, and provided the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients my body needed.
  • It taught me how to eat basically anything I want while keeping the fat off
  • It taught me how to eat basically anything I want while keeping the fat off
My dance with alcoholism taught me how to silence the voices of my mind:
  • It showed me how to break the chains of addiction
  • It showed me how to bask and relax in the beauty of the present moment
  • It helped me dissolve illusions and see life for what it really is
My toxic mold exposure taught me how to heal and vitalize my body through movement:
  • I learned to let go of anger and keep my body relaxed
  • I learned to work mycotoxins out of my body
  • I learned to create a healthy body, ripped body without lifting weights
My divorce with my wife taught me how to inject my body with a heavy shot of energy in less than a minute:
  • It led me to breathing exercises that regulate my sleeping patterns, and allowed me to get a good night’s rest even after breathing in toxic mold
  • It showed me how 90% of people are breathing improperly, and how I can repair my breathing to live with superior health