Colloidal Silver CoronaVirus Convenience Package

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Colloidal Silver CoronaVirus Convenience Package!

Our new Colloidal Silver Convenience Package comes with full strength 120ppm Colloidal Silver - the strongest you can buy at any price because it is real colloidal silver - plus spray bottle filled with 20ppm Colloidal Silver, and a 1 ounce dropper bottle pre-filled with full strength 120ppm Colloidal Silver - ideal for measuring drops and travel. PLUS the A2B reusable nebulizer to get the powerful anti viral solution into the lungs, throat, and sinuses!

Your Colloidal Silver Convenience Package Includes:

1.) 16 oz. 120ppm Concentrated Stabilized Colloidal Silver for Drops, refilling spray bottle and other usages.
2.) 8 oz. 20ppm Stabilized Colloidal Silver wound and mouth spray in a spray bottle. (To refill with 120ppm used 6 parts water to 1 part 120ppm to make 20ppm.)
3.) 1 ounce dropper bottle pre-filled with 120ppm Stabilized Colloidal Silver for counting drops and convenient travel.

4.) Pump Nebulizer to ensure application of the silver can be put where you need it most, your throat, mouth, and sinuses!

Remember, colloidal silver never weakens.  Utilize colloidal silver with a nebulizer to get the silver solution into your lungs, throat, and sinus immediately during times of Coronovirus outbreak! Remember it takes up to 3-4 weeks before you can tell if you have been infected.

A2B Reusable Nebulizer provides maximum aerosol quality and respirable output for the delivery of most commonly prescribed medications. The unique venturi design offers faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times. A2B Reusable Nebulizer delivers 2.5ml of drug output within 7 minutes, so that patients can spend more time on their normal activities. It speeds up the treatment times by using 5 aerosol-producing jet holes instead of one, which provides additional flow to the patients.

Why to use Reusable Nebulizer?

  • A2B delivers faster aerosol drug delivery and shorter treatment times
  • Venturi system boosts the airflow supplied by the compressor
  • Deliver medication more efficiently and making overall treatment faster.
  • Rely on consistent treatment

Throughout the centuries and into today, silver in various forms has been used to benefit mankind. Some cultures added powdered silver to a newborn’s first bath as protection against a harsh world. Milk farmers used to use a silver pail to collect milk, because they found that the raw milk could remain unrefrigerated for hours without spoiling.

Similarly, our early settlers would often throw silver dollars into their wells or water barrels to keep the water potable. In days of old, they didn’t know why silver made such a difference in their lives; but they knew that it did make a positive difference in their lives, when it was used in these ways.

Modern science now explains why these ancient practices were effective; it also shows that even in modern-times, silver has many uses that may support our healthy well-being. Numerous tests at major universities and commercial labs like Kansas State, UC Davis, Brigham Young University have proven the effectiveness of silver.

DISCLAIMERS: Required Nutritional Immune System Support Disclosures
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We are responsive the requirement in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that we post the following language to be unconstitutional compelled speech in violation of the First Amendment and the following cases: Johnson vs FDA (1911) and Thompson vs Western States (2002) among others.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. (sic) This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

Nutritional Immune System Support Disclosures
As a dietary supplement, Nano Silver has not undergone FDA testing.
Nutritional Nano Silver supports normal cell membrane impermeability to hemorrhagic and other viruses, maintaining homeostasis. Like other nutrients Nano Silver may not, by law, provide or claim to a pharmaceutical treatment of disease.

Nutritional strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy status may be powerful and effective in certain situations. Since the options for selection of nutrients and serving sizes can be confusing, we suggest that all of you who choose to be in private association with us take time to learn about your own nutritional needs. Nutrients are food and when used to supplement the diet are not subject to drug approval procedures by any government agency.

We advise prudent due diligence by the consumer using all available sources of information including the internet (e.g., google, yahoo.com and similar) as well as scientific studies (e.g., www.pubmed.gov and similar) to see all viewpoints. The National Institutes of Health and PubMed have cooperated on a web site that includes large numbers of nutrient studies. You may find that here: http://ods.od.nih.gov/Research/PubMed_Dietary_Supplement_Subset.aspx .

We also recommend consultation with professionals trained in nutritional strategies for health and well-being (e.g, www.AAEM.com, www.ACAM.org and similar)