BaxStar Industries Tesla Plasma

Dimensions: 38" X 80" 60" X 80" 76" X 80" 72" X 84 2 X 38" X 80"

Ride Radiant Light Frequency Waves To Better Wellness

Harmony is hard to attain on your own. Especially when you're bombarded with destructive digital signals and noise all day long. When there are no answers to your health questions look for this advance healing Tesla Plasma machine to address aliments from unanswered illness. Frequency healing was cancelled for a reason. Each cause of inflammation, mental illness, disease, PTSD, anxiety, depression and so much more can be address with light frequency medicine. For every poor health signal, there is a frequency to counter it along with every health issue presented to the modern public today.

Our BAXSTAR INDUSTRIES Tesla Plasma is the ultimate solution for achieving what's just out of reach, true balance. Available only in the USA, where you can help address and alleviate aliments at home with frequencies.

Backed by doctors, developed by medical-focused engineers, all guided by the search for true wellness. Having harnessed Tesla's (the genuine innovator Tesla, along with Rife, Lakhovsky, and Reich) as the base foundation of this plasma energy technology, we are using plasma frequencies to soothe inflammation and dis ease states.

Advanced MedBed Technology:
Select from 2 (two) models to choose from:

Standard Tesla Plasma Machine offers single frequency sets to help heal aliments and diseases through proven frequency duration sets. 2 year full warranty.

Executive Tesla Plasma Machine offer multiple frequency sets to quickly knock out multiple aliments and diseases through multiple proven frequency sets at the same time. 3 year full warranty.

Tesla Accessory Kits
are available and offer the accessory necessary to further connect to the frequency set, but are optional and not necessary. Although the Tesla Plasma machine does not need the Tesla Accessory Kit, if you are in a healing setting with patients or clients we do recommended maximizing the absorption rate of our healing frequencies.

* Standard & Advanced Training Available Free /w Purchase For Life Of Machine.

* Comes with Frequency Bible Manual /w 100's of set of proven frequencies to heal yourself and others real time, 1000's of healing frequency sets.

*Training will be schedule after purchase. Unlimited training for purchaser.

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