Anti Aging Bed Group, a new Orlando based manufacturer, is pleased to announce a multi-city vending deal with a growing national distributor.  This new partnership will soon release THE DETOX MASK in three major airports in the US marketplace, with Orlando International Airport, representing the first market to sell the DETOX MASK.  

Anti Aging Bed Group is releasing for sale - a new antibacterial mask - a product like no other currently available.  This unique “Electroceutical Mask” uses patented technology, licensed by JRB Enterprises, to Anti Aging Bed Group.  The patented technology used, in the DETOX MASK, currently only available online, will soon be available to travelers in three chosen major US airports.

“We never planned to make our products into a mask,” says John Baxter, the founder of JRB Enterprises, the manufacturer licensing the technology to Anti Aging Bed Group.  According to Baxter, the inventor of the product - “The passive nature of our patented inflammation reduction technology is a great fit for this new product, the Detox Mask.”

JRB Enterprises, based in Winter Park Florida, brings a new category of sleep and health aides to the US marketplace.  A recently inked licensing relationship between JRB and Detox Bed has led to a product no one expected - The Detox Mask. 

Detox Mask marks the FIRST MASK widely available that STOPS BACTERIA in its tracks.  JRB Patented and licensed technology, designed for the bedding industry, is uniquely positioned to provide THE ONLY mask worth wearing, when a mask is called for, during these trying times.

Mr. John Baxter, the inventor of the DETOX MASK technology, explains - why this mask and, why now?  “With the recent mandate to wear a mask in Orange County Florida - our team was dismayed at the possible impact on tourism, the lifeblood of Orlando, where our technology was birthed.  Our new partner, the Detox Bed Group, saw our patented fabric as a mask insert, a real out of the box idea, we pursued the idea and … here it is... The Detox Mask”.  

Baxter continued, “We started in Winter Park almost a decade ago, working on solving a big problem, using sleep as a health strategy.  Who could have seen that our patented tech would be the perfect anti-bacterial layer for a mask that STOPS bacteria in its tracks!”

Inquiries regarding product availability and bulk sales of The Anti Aging Detox Mask - the ONLY Mask that provides an effective barrier against bacterial threats - should be directed to:

Mr. John Baxter - CEO JRB Group -