Huge concerns about Tesla Biohealer!

We're constantly fielding questions about the Tesla Biohealer, buyer beware - it appears that this company cannot provide evidence nor proof to their customers that it works, and still they continue to mix pseudo life force orgonite as a fraudulent tin can technology.

With the influx of consumer response emails stating they are not feeling any effect at all, or perhaps it appears to work but has no real information inside leaves the question:  What is in the Can or Canister?

As the pioneers of the MedBed technology, weat Anti Aging Bed understand real technology and have actual patents showing that are US Approved, 100+ clinical trials and reviews, and we've reviewed what is going on based on phone calls and emails indicating their product is not working. Basically, we could care less what their business model is but what really bothers us is what they are presenting to humanity. 

Dr. Lui Tesla Biohealer FTC Fraud / Scam

After reviewing the Chinese owner's information about Dr. Lui, of Tesla Biohealing and a female associate that does all the speaking even though Dr. Lui is a MD on their team, we were really concerned by a few things, what are they hiding?

For one, Dr. Lui had been in trouble with the FTC for mis-advertising their products, what appears issues with accepting the wrong money for utilizing a scheme on asthma technology by falsifying information and claims. Looking further into the Tesla Biohealer, we noticed this technology in a "CAN" ?!?! is really Orgonite, a technology that was pioneered by William Reich, NO, but rather another inventor that later altered decades later.

The name orgonite means - "Pseudo Life Force Energy" that is because you can never measure it. Right now Dr. Lui is suggesting his work has Tesla technology, but that is truly the furthest thing from the truth! There is no Tesla technology is his technology, no electricity and no plug in! Shame on you Dr. Lui sending customers into the abyss and preying on them with a version of Orgonite which is a pseudo life force energy.

Now they are suggesting this energy, can be measured but can't prove it.

Please stop misleading the public again Dr Lui!

Report Dr Lui Tesla Biohealing FTC Review, Scam,

They measure it without measuring anything with a meter withing their information. Considering units of measure, but show no measuring device to which is can be measured. Is this how the asthma industry work? Please don't bring your garbage into another industry Dr. Lui. There is nothing but pseudo life force energy with the Tesla Biohealer.

In fact, the way they use the Tesla Biohealer under the bed doesn't work. The foam in the mattress is an insulator. Through foam, the technology will not pass through an insulator and be the same. The very way they describe how to use it is incorrect. There is no way to prove the technology is working by passing through an insulator!

Please do your research on this company, use the information above has a dead giveaway into what they are truly doing with their cans. The can itself should be a dead giveaway into the types of misinformation about this technology, that is no where close to either a Tesla or a Medbed! Dr. Lui after the asthma issue hasn't learned. You should contact the FTC yourself about this guy Dr. Lui.

Michael S.