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For the First time ever...

We are proud to announce the first ever gounding sleep study that proves the effect of The Antiaging Bed Cover on your Quality of Sleep, Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Mood.

The effect of the Anti Aging Bed Cover on Quality of Sleep, Recovery, Stress & Mood

Discover our most recent groundbreaking research, which investigates the intricate connection between sleep and mental well-being. This exceptional study, conducted by a reputable third-party, involves 30 participants over a period of 6 weeks. It thoroughly explores the significant consequences of sleep deprivation on your mental health. Access the enlightening PDF report and delve into the data, accompanied by compelling graphs from the sleep study.

In Short: Our bed cover improves your Sleep & mental health

Pioneering Progress in Sleep

We genuinely appreciate your curiosity in our groundbreaking sleep solutions. Our team takes immense pride in offering what we regard as the zenith in today's sleep technology landscape. We firmly believe that our rest enhancement system represents a monumental stride forward in the sleep industry, unseen in recent memory. Our aspiration is not just to transform individual sleep experiences but to extend the benefits of the Anti Aging Bed® to households far and wide — reaching every corner of our nation and, in time, every part of the globe. It brings us immense pride to note that the Anti Aging Bed® has already made its mark, with its presence felt in North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond!

Dive into Unparalleled Rest…

There's truth in the adage: experience is the ultimate instructor. Overwhelmingly, those who immerse themselves in our technology become avid proponents, choosing to make it a permanent part of their lives. The quickest pathway to realizing the transformative benefits of our unique offering? Gift yourself the profound depths of rejuvenation and regeneration that only the Anti Aging Bed can usher in. The majority of users discern a tangible difference from the get-go, with enhancements amplifying over time. Such is the allure of our rest-enhancing innovation that numerous patrons invest in a secondary Anti Aging Bed system, ensuring they never miss a night, even when on the move.

 Decoding Free Radicals & Antioxidants: Your Wellness Guide

We've all encountered the phrase, "Free Radicals are harmful." But what exactly does that mean, and why should it matter to us? At its core, a free radical is a particle within our body lacking an electron, leading to its instability. This imbalance can result in damage to the particle, and if left unchecked, this disruption spirals, potentially causing widespread harm throughout the body, much like a raging wildfire. This brings us to an essential query: "How can we counteract this damage?" Enter a term you've likely heard but might find mystifying: "antioxidant." In essence, an antioxidant has the power to supply the missing electron, thereby neutralizing the free radical and halting the domino effect of damage. For optimal well-being, it's pivotal to ensure we have a sufficient antioxidant arsenal to fend off these rogue free radicals.

 Sourcing Antioxidants: From Diet to the Earth Itself

Humans rely on antioxidants to counteract and even reverse the potential damage instigated by free radicals. But from where can we procure these antioxidant defenders? The usual suspects, such as nutrient-rich foods and dietary supplements like vitamins, are well-known and accessible sources. Yet, there's a vast reservoir of free electrons, nature's own version of antioxidants, that often goes overlooked – our very own planet, Earth. The Earth's surface is brimming with free, bio-accessible electrons. This natural bounty is harnessed by plants from the soil, which animals then consume, subsequently absorbing the plants' stored electrons. Most animals, with their ongoing connection to the Earth, are constantly replenishing their electron supply, effectively tackling their free radicals. This raises a compelling question: what about us humans?

Tapping into Earth's Electrons: The Natural Antioxidant Source

In 1998, science achieved a monumental feat: decoding the Human Genome. Subsequent findings revealed a fascinating aspect of our design: humans are inherently crafted to maintain a consistent connection with Earth's surface. But what's the significance of this contact? It emerges that our physiology is adept at harnessing the Earth's bio-accessible free electrons through our skin's semi-conductive properties. Intriguingly, our absorption capacity for these surface electrons—deemed mechanical antioxidants—is even more efficient than obtaining antioxidants through food or supplements (nutritional antioxidants). Yet, the modern lifestyle has distanced most from this potent source, with rubber-soled shoes and synthetic floorings serving as barriers. One might ponder: does nature prioritize electrons based on their origin, be it mechanical or nutritional? Nature's answer is resounding: an electron, regardless of its source, remains universally invaluable.

Photo Bio Modulation: "Harnessing the Power of Infrared and Beyond!" (Diving Deep into Far-Infra-Red, FIR)

Light's role in human life extends far beyond mere visibility; it profoundly influences our biology. Our skin is equipped with photoreceptor sites sensitive to the nuances of light—its intensity, duration, and wavelength. These receptors facilitate a range of biological responses. For instance, certain light wavelengths drive our alertness, while others cue relaxation and sleep. An intriguing segment of the spectrum, the infrared and particularly the Far-Infra-Red (FIR), plays a pivotal role in energizing our cells. This light spectrum stimulates the mitochondria—our cellular powerhouses—to produce more ATP, the molecule fundamental to energy transfer. Simply put, by tapping into these wavelengths, we're optimizing our body's energy production, paving the way for enhanced health.

 The Potent Power of Nano Silver Technology

Our Anti Aging Bed Cover integrates nano silver thread, serving dual purposes: acting as a conduit for conductivity and standing as an antimicrobial titan. Clinical trials have consistently showcased silver's diverse properties - from its antimicrobial to anti-odor, and even antiviral capabilities. It's no wonder that modern hospitals employ silver, notably powered by X-STATIC®, in applications ranging from bandages and bedding to assisting burn patients and neutralizing formidable pathogens. Yet, our skin's natural process, wherein bacteria consume older skin cells, can sometimes foster microbial growth. Enter nano silver: your shield for safer slumber. By releasing positive ions, silver seeks out and neutralizes the harmful bacteria's negative ions, effectively neutralizing potential threats and ensuring a cleaner sleep environment.

This is all very interesting but, at the end of the day - what does any of this have to do with the Anti Aging Bed® cover?

Our patented Anti Aging Bed® bed cover has three primary functions: 

  1. Electron transfer to dissociate free radicals.
  2. Stimulation of cellular metabolism and enhancement of energy production through photo bio-modulation (light)
  3. Reduce exposure and impact of harmful microbes

The Science of Grounding The Body