Anti Aging 3D Plus Body Scan Massage Chair

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The Anti Aging 3D Plus Body Scan Massage Chair offers advanced technology and therapeutic features to deliver unsurpassed body massage therapy. Imagine having 3 masseuses and a reflexologist at your disposal. Regular use can reduce stress, relieve pain, enhance circulation, decrease insomnia, improve flexibility, increase mental awareness, and induce total relaxation. The Anti Aging Massage Chair offers luxury, health, and convenience in a single chair, for one of the best investments in your well-being that you can make.

  • Includes Anti Aging 3D Plus Body Scan Massage Chair, Remote, and Printed Instructions.


Automatic Leg Extension

The mechanized Leg Extension is a new feature that gives greater customization no matter your body height. With the push of a button, the foot massager slides in and out, up to 5.5 inches, to ensure a tailored experience for users of any height.

Rocking Rotation Technology

The Legacy 3D gently rocks back and forth to generate the feel of a classic rocking chair. Our original Rocking Rotation Technology reduces sleep anxiety and stress. You can enjoy this feature on its own or as an option with any of the massage functions.

L-Shaped Massage Track

The Legacy 3D features an extra-long, L-Shaped Massage Track that runs from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the gluts. Unlike most other luxury massage chairs, whose S-Shaped Massage Track limits roller movement to the back only, the Legacy 3D offers a superior full-body massage experience. The Auto Body Scanning System maps your entire back before the massage begins, to ensure massage accuracy and efficiency. This system ensures a massage that is contoured to the unique curvature of your spine.

Zero Gravity Experience

The Zero-Gravity Experience shifts the seat to one of two positions, evenly distributing body weight and reducing pressure throughout the body, achieving a floating sensation. Position 1 Removes all stress on the muscles to achieve a weightless environment. Reclining in this position regularly has been shown to have health benefits. Position 2 Further elevates the legs so that they are above the heart, providing greater circulation throughout the lower body. This may help relieve leg and foot pain and varicose veins.

3D Massage Rollers

The Legacy 3D features the next generation of 3D massage rollers. Our system of 3D rollers no longer glides along a single surface, but includes an extra plane of movement to closely follow the natural contours of your body. You can choose between 5 levels of intensity for the ultimate full-body massage.

Surround Sound Speaker

Add the benefit of music therapy to your massage. Connect wirelessly to compatible devices and play your favorite music. High-quality compact speakers are mounted above the shoulder massagers and aimed at your ears for a surround sound experience.

Bonus Chair, Foot Pads and Remote Pocket

The 3/4-inch-thick soft chair pad allows you to enjoy the chair as a recliner without any massage treatment.

Triple Reflexology Foot Rollers

Drawing on the principles of reflexology, our foot rollers stimulate nerve endings on the feet to relieve tension, improve circulation, and renew vitality throughout the body. 3 distinct foot rollers target specific areas on the pads of the feet. Soft footpads are included to adjust the pressure of the foot rollers to your personal preference.


Massage Chair


  • Recovery
  • Maintenance
  • Enhancement
  • Relief

Size & Options

Approximately 36 inches wide, 48 inches long, and 36 inches tall with 4 foot plug cable. Available in Black, White, and Blue.


Made of premium synthetic leather, plush cushioning, and heavy-duty electronics.


Usually ships within 5 days and is delivered within 3 weeks.


May be returned within 30 days of delivery if unused and in its original packaging.


  1. Unbox your Anti Aging 3D Plus Body Scan Massage Chair.
  2. Locate Instructions to proceed with Anti Aging 3D Plus Body Scan Massage Chair setup and use.


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