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TR26-TRAVELER: C M O=: Compensating Magnetic Oscillator

Compensates the biological effects of the electromagnetic radiation from emitting devices.

1. Scope of the CMO: TR26-TRAVELLER multifonctions.

(TR26 - TRAVELER "has just been optimized in its design, manufacture and applications: to meet the needs of our customers, TR26 - TRAVELLER has been reinforced in its active ingredients, with the incorporation of former HE22-ZENACTITUD, initially intended for the E.H.S (Electro-Hyper-Sensitive) people.
Protection against electromagnetic radiation while traveling, or outside your home.
TR26 - TRAVELER compensates for the potential effects of Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, DECT wired telephones, relay antennas, satellite communications, low to very high voltage electrical networks, geo-biological disturbances, microwave ovens, low consumption light bulbs, smart meters, CPL (Carrying Currents Online), transport (car, plane and train) ..
* Caution: TR26 - TRAVELER multifunction protectors cover all the sources of electromagnetic pollution mentioned above. But they do not replace the need to equip communication devices in physical and direct contact with your body: for example, for your mobile phones and computers, we recommend that you wear MP24-EASYCALL (for cellular) or a PC16- PCZONE (for computers and laptops) .

2. Instructions for use:

TR26 - TRAVELER is a protection to wear close to your body; In your pocket, wallet, or, to your choice hung on a necklace, pendant. A snap hook-ring accessory is provided: you can wear it as a collar, a belt buckle, a key ring, or attach it to your convenience thanks to the hole left for this purpose.

3. Protective coverage area:

The TR26 - TRAVELER has been designed to provide an effective compensation for the potential effects of your immediate surroundings *. The "protection bubble thus generated has a diameter of about 3 meters (10 feet).
* Note: the influence of the CMO on its environment is given as an indication, but it can not in any case be a precise measure: here, it is the limit of effectiveness of the corrective effect which is estimated by the RAC method (auricular-cardiac reflex).

4. Product specifications:

TR26 - TRAVELER "weighs 34 grams for a diameter of 45 mm, and a 9 mm thickness.
Composition: CMOs are passive magnetic oscillators, operating without energy input: they activate in the presence of artificial electromagnetic fields.
The aluminum shell is made of 100% aluminum.
Chemical composition of the active solutions: micro-crystalline specific saline solution treated electromagnetically.

5. Lifespan:

The efficiency of CMO magnetic compensating oscillators has no time limit to this date: the very first CMOs manufactured by COMOSYSTEMS remain effective, and a scientific study has been conducted to verify it over two consecutive years without demonstrating a weakening . However, in the "Renewal" section, we advise you to consult your local distributor about any updates or optimizations.

6. Warranty:

CMOs are guaranteed for two years (guarantee based on a scientific study carried out and asessing the stability of the biological efficiency of the CMO during this period). The guarantee takes effect from the date of activation of the product registered on the manufacturer's website, either by going to the "Activation" page or directly from this link: http://www.CMOprotection.com
Note: the guarantee concerns the solid components of the oscillator. The active solution is guaranteed only in compliance with the recommendations for use.

7. Certificate of authenticity:

Only activation of the product validates the warranty and allows you to receive, in return, a certificate of authenticity (identified by the serial number that you will find in the packaging box of your product): you will be asked to copy it In the product registration form: this authenticated number guarantees that your product is original, that it was built in our manufacturing unit and has undergone rigorous quality and efficiency control procedures.

8. Renewal:

At the end of the two-year warranty, your CMO protection is still active, but its effectiveness may begin to become incomplete, given the cycles of renewal of these high-tech products and the regular modifications made to the components (CPU, RAM, SSD, etc. ...) which generate different or new frequencies to compensate.
On the other hand, our scientific team has the mission to optimize our production tools and our quality control protocols: we can speak of "generations of CMO"

1st generation: The first CMOs were designed individually to compensate for the biological effects of frequencies emitted by a single source of electromagnetic pollution. (Computer, mobile phone ...)

2nd generation (current): The scientific team succeeded in combining the properties of the active solutions without interfering with each other: it was the advent of "multifunctional" devices that united in a single CMO a protection covering several emitting sources ,( such ashigh voltage lines, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, geobiology, etc.).

3rd generation (to come): Our scientific team is currently studying new protocols that will still neutralize other potentially harmful modulated frequencies, and taking into account the evolution of the technologies under preparation (in particular 5G) making CMOs always more efficient. By registering your license, we will be able to keep you informed of the progress of this work.

Comosystems does not adhere to the concept of programmed obsolescence: your old CMO protections are probably still effective, but we recommend that you to watch for new generations, constantly adapted to the evolving context of high-tech technologies. Contact your distributor for further information.

9. Restrictions on use:

Do not swallow, do not leave children within reach due to its small size, do not use under conditions other than those recommended (pasted onto the phone). Notes about temperatures: below 0 ° Celsius or 32 ° Fahrenheit, CMO becomes passive, and becomes active again above 0 °Celsius or 32 ° Fahrenheit. Do not place into the washing machine if temperature exceeds 60 °C or 140 °F, (beyond, the active solution would be irretrievably destroyed.)

10. Limitations of Liability:

Published scientific studies have highlighted the correction of the potential effects of exposure to EMF and the corrective effects of the CMO: our allegations strictly adhere to these results, leaving you free to interpret them.
However, the products presented on the website “www.comosystems.com” are not prescription drugs or medicaments, they cannot be considered as such, and do not replace your usual treatment. As the information on this site does not constitute medical advice, it is your responsibility to consult your doctor in order to obtain professional advice for any particular health problem.
The company COMOSYSTEMS SL is the manufacturer of CMO magnetic compensating oscillators. It disclaims all responsibility for the use of the products outside the recommended scope and outside of the instructions for use. If in doubt, consult your physician or family doctor.