Anti Aging Bed Cover

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Sleep cleaner and protected thanks to medical-grade, anti-microbial bed covers woven pure silver. This patented protection fully grounds you while sleeping by regulating digital signals entering your body while asleep. It neutralizes all these harmful signals from electronics throughout the night so you awaken balanced, bright, and ready to take on the day. Make the most of each rest by adding our revolutionary Biohacking Mattress.

  • Includes Anti Aging Bed Cover, Zippered Liner, Grounding Plug, Carrying Case, and Printed Instructions.



  • Recovery
  • Maintenance
  • Enhancement
  • Relief


Dina V.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I tried this bed cover shortly after the birth of our wonderful child. It helped me recover faster, sleep deeper throughout the night, and wake up more energized than before. Even our newborn loves it! Happy to say that we might just be the most well-rested new parents in the world.


Available in standard California King, King, Split King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin sizes. Fits most mattresses and includes a 4 foot plug cable.


Made of premium organic cotton, medical-grade pure woven silver, crushed grounding crystals.


Usually ships within 5 days and is delivered within 3 weeks.


May be returned within 30 days of delivery if unused and in its original packaging.


Bed Cover

  1. Ensure the finished white side of your Mattress Cover is facing up. It contains the woven Nano Silver.
  2. Find the Grounding Plug Clip Receiver on your Mattress Cover. It will be in one of the corners. Ensure it is closest to an outlet.
  3. Put your Bed Cover around your Mattress as if it were any normal fitted sheet. Using the zippered bottom portion of the Mattress Cover is optional but recommended when possible.
  4. Connect the Grounded Plug to an Outlet. The Bed Cover is safe to plugin, no active electric current runs through it.


Washing your Bed Cover will accelerate the breakdown of the woven Silver over time.

  1. Gently unclip the Grounding Plug and set it aside. Do not wash it.
  2. Wash the Bed Cover on the gentle cycle using natural or organic soaps like Castile.
  3. Line dry only. Do not use a dryer.
  4. Put your Bed Cover around your Mattress as if it were any normal fitted sheet.
  5. Gently connect the Grounding Plug to your Bed Cover.


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