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Star Wars Changed The Game

On Memorial Day weekend in 1977, our universe expanded. The imagination of future generations expanded exponentially.  Star Wars, the first movie, ushered in a new era of hope, expanding our minds to the concept of “The Force”.  The Force, according to Star Wars lore, is an energy field created by all life that connects everything in the universe. 

The Star Wars universe, like our own known universe, has a diverse set of peoples and lands.  Different languages and looks, colors and shapes, much like Humans.  This diverse universe names for the force, all with a common meaning.  Are below

The Force in the lives of many is rooted in a spiritual power base of belief.  Religion and use of words and naming in lore mirror our path here, your path to health and “Ease”.  The parallel path to ease has many names and peoples, much like in our daily lives.   

By the Lasats - Ashla,

As named by the Dianoga - Omi,

The Mustafarians - Life Current, 

By the Lew'elans - the Tide,

The Chiss call it -  the Sight

By the Zeffo - the Life Wind, 

The People of the Chaos -the Great Presence, 

Mist-Weavers use - the Luminous Mist,

By the Fallanassi - the White Current

The Magys and her people - the Beyond.

Humans, regardless of race, creed, or color, all have the force inside them.  We generate electrical pulses, a measurable force, which may be measured by frequency and pressure.  Understanding how to use “The Force” in your life is up to you, as the Padawan.

According to the Star Wars lore: The Force was created by life, and therefore, resided in all life forms. It is especially powerful in a select group of individuals who are born with a high concentration of midi-chlorians, a microscopic, intelligent lifeform that forms a symbiotic relationship with and communicated the will of the Force to their host through the bloodstream. 

These Force-sensitive candidates are capable of consciously sensing the Force. This conscious sense brings the ability to harness the various Force powers. 

We all have the force, as humans, our systems leverage frequency in the path of ascension, much like the Padawan to master the path of the Jedi.

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