Sleep Better Now For Only $100 Down
Spending your Tax Return Dollars “May You Choose Wisely”

This tax return season choose wisely.  Invest into yourself by giving your cells what they need to thrive. Anti Aging Bed makes it simple to sleep your way to health. Take care of your sleep debt today!

Buy-Now and Pay-Later with no credit needed, no money down, and 0% interest options!

Indiana Jones is challenged with choosing the correct chalice otherwise known as the Holy Grail, that Christ had used - in order to carry the water of life back to his Father - saving him from a mortal wound.  Indy chose wisely, when choosing the correct instrument that brought his father back to life. The connotation here is wealth is health, and in this instance utilizing your tax return dollars allows one to his or her own instrument for health.  Choosing correctly leads to better health and a more fulfilling life.

(Warning this content maybe graphic and truly an effective video showing aging from both a oxidative as well as mitochondrial aging. Fast forward to 2:30 to see the effect of aging when, "you have chosen poorly.")


My weak analogy does not do the silver component of my story justice.  Living organisms (like humans) stay fresh and healthy longer when in contact with grounded silver.  A new technology, now available, allows for the healing benefits of grounded silver contact to be found by spending time - sleep time - wisely.  

We spend ⅓ of our lives in bed.  

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Convert that horizontal time into an active health investment - with a GREAT ROI.

According to GoBankingRates - “On average, taxpayers expect to receive $3,030 back from the IRS”.  The onus of wise decision making will be upon those at or above the average expected pile of “found dollars”, and what to do with this pile of wealth?

According to the same poll the majority of those receiving a check plan to pay down debt with the tax return revenue.  Paying down a deeper debt, the sleep debt most of us suffer from, also requires a monetary investment: the purchase of new age sleep technology.  The dividends on this proposed investment include:

  • Deeper and longer sleep
  • A decrease in healing and exercise recovery time
  • Productivity increase - get more done

A recent adopter of the AntiAgingBed cover (the grounded silver sleep technology), after the first night of sleep on the cover, declared: 

“I do not want to get out of bed.  I have not slept so deeply in years”

The science behind this new category of wellness and health tech is based on Nikola Tesla’s findings, studies and experiments from a hundred years ago, applied to today’s nano-level manufacturing techniques  The result of this marriage of old and new is a sleeping platform that aids in cellular recovery, affecting every one of the forty trillion cells in your body.

We spend a third of our lives in bed.  Sleep your way to better health with the A2B Bed. Make a daily investment in paying off the sleep debt we all incur.


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