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Sleep Number Bed vs Anti Aging Bed Compare: (Price, Value, Warranty, & Trial Period)

Welcome to the Anti Aging Bed, no pills, no crazy diets or exercise programs, SIMPLY go to bed on sleep health technology of the future that helps you sleep your way to health.

Mattress veteran John Baxter has done it again by revolutionizing the mattress industry with patented Sleep Health technology, saving consumers 45-80% off over brands like Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number Beds instantly. This revolutionary technology created a new category of sleep!

Baxter said, "Consumer are overpaying for brands today because their products have turned into commodities, from memory foams to outdated latex cotton air chamber technology found in Sleep Number beds. The industry has non new stories. As someone who helped found the number bed industry, its well known that adjustable air chamber technology products found in sleep number & knock off competitors are old.  Air chamber technology still uses 1980's technology and with Tempur-Pedic 1991 foam technology, and they still have issues. We don't see the technology as beneficial once the consumer understands the premise, we don't go back to non power steering now that we have power steering, we don't go back to the standard telephone now that we have cell phones exist. Our multi patented bed rest technology offers proven sleep health features and benefits. Check out our reviews are so amazing as we created this product to truly give back to humanity."

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2019 / This long awaited and highly anticipated launch on November 23, 2019 sets the stage for our company’s goal of transforming the way the world sleeps. The comes years after Baxter defeated Sleep Number Bed in federal court in Dec. 2017.

The foundation of this technology has over 100 clinical trials and studies providing the efficacy is the study of grounding and far infrared. Our grounding technology is backed by 20 years or research and over $20,000,000 alone! Our FDA proven Nanobionic Far Infrared technology along with grounding launched a new sleep revolution called Anti Aging Bed.

The product you’re about to explore maybe the health and wellness product of the last few decades. John Baxter, Founder of Anti Aging Bed says, “The current status of the mattress industry is that the industry continues to use outdated mattress technology based on standard industry age technologies. This is why the general population is so confused by the mattress industry, which is caught up in a time nearly 20, 30, or more years ago! Everything around us is new, our cell phones, tv’s, computers and cars are all up to date. Yet we spend a 1/3 rd of our lives in bed and your mattress is by far the most important piece of furniture in your home. Executives in the mattress industry are even suggesting that their own products are commodities and just a block of foam. The problem of upgrading the current state of mattress industry to a new category wasn’t easy.”

This long awaited and highly anticipated launch on November 23, 2019 sets the stage for our company’s goal of transforming the way the world sleeps.

John Baxter is the founder of Anti Aging Bed®. This groundbreaking technology utilizes 2 US approved patents that we created over 5 years ago. Along with 5 years of research and development on technology implementation. Baxter also says, “Many features of this mattress had never been done before. As an industry veteran of nearly 20 years disrupting an industry, it would have taken me about 5 minutes to create the mattresses you currently see in the market place. We wanted to create a new category of sleep that could change all the others. The entire IP protection through US approved patents and trademarks allows and secures our place as a recognized new category of sleep. Our mattress is the first if not one of the first even to use FDA determined technology!”

He also explains that this new category was created with the help of celebrity doctors, health professionals, mattress veterans and top engineers. The remarkable story here is that the product sells for about the price on the average mattress, you could be sleeping on an Anti Aging Bed®.

This technology was built in the information age using modern electron, nano, and ion technologies. This new category of sleep Anti Aging Bed® which represents a product that is the future of sleep. Company is looking for people like you who want to start receiving the benefits of this revolutionary product. Realizing Baxter is suggesting that they are taking on an outdated industry.

Anti Aging Bed® is a brand that utilizes multiple US patent approved technologies that were created in the information age. Product is sourced and manufactured in the USA. The Anti Aging Bed® which represents a mattress product that maximizes modern technology.

We are giving you up to 45% our website price.

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Product us 100% USA Made! Company believes in the sustainable movement, a minimum of 20% off all mattresses uses sustainable natural latex. The company also takes 1% to go towards saving the bees and other pollinators through a accredited 501c3 called Operation Honey Bee.


John Baxter,

Founder & President


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