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Nurturing Your Body Vs Your Car - Pimp Your Ride Upgrade


In the early 2000’s the TV Show “Pimp My Ride” showcased car owners with a broken down ride in dire need of an upgrade.  The anticipation of increased stature, reliable transportation, and a joyful “reveal”, for the lucky show contestants, drove the show to eight (8) seasons, a successful run.  


The demise of Pimp My Ride nearly coincides with the first #Tesla car sale in 2008. This transition ushered in what is now a common sight on the roadways, an electric vehicle.  As we enter the Roaring Twenties electric vehicles are commonplace. From the first Tesla vehicle release a very cool technology has been included: Regenerative Braking tech allows for the capture of energy from a primary function of the vehicle - hitting the brakes.  The bedding industry now has equivalent technology with the release of A2B empowered bedding products.

Pimp My Ride viewers, for eight seasons, lived vicariously through the show contestants, sharing the joy of -  increased stature, reliability of transportation upgrade, and increased performance - from their automobiles. A2B tech achieves the same goals for your “daily driver”, otherwise known as, YOUR BODY!  According to the innovators of this technology ...

Within minutes your own body heat will reflect gentle penetrating waves of beneficial Far Infrared. Want to feel great after an amazing night of sleep? The FDA determined NanoBionic Technology to enhance faster recovery, increase in general wellness, promotes a restful night sleep, and give a temporary increase in local blood flow all while in contact with the bed”


We spend about a third of our lives in bed.  According to Neuroscientist Russel Foster

You have all these essential housekeeping functions which you allocate to the appropriate phase of the rest-activity cycle, and that’s what sleep is,”. The mattress and bedding industry has not seen a major upgrade in sleep technology since the release of foam bedding material in 1992. A2B powered sleep technology marks a new category of sleep!  Allowing for a nightly “pimping” of your daily driver, your body, results in a real performance upgrade to your daily life.


Much like the regenerative braking technology, increased miles per gallon efficiency and higher performance - from a vehicle standpoint - your body achieves the same correlative positive effects from A2B empowered products. 

Take the A2B upgrade challenge and Pimp Your Ride, from a body and health standpoint!  As of December 2019, this technology is readily available at
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