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Happy Father's Day!  We are happy to announce our MedBed technology release to the citizens who are interested in health freedom. Advanced technology developed for cellular regeneration, detoxification while using the best technologies of the day. A Medbed has multiple technologies that raise the frequency, vibration, and energy of the individual. Our company was founded in the bedding industry with over 20 years of innovating the mattress industry including the creators of the Zero Gravity Bed, Anti Aging Bed, and now the Bio Med Bed. Take a moment to understand this amazing technology that is extremely affordable for our communities.

Best! John Baxter

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Check the Baxter Bio MedBed Technology:
Baxter 1000, Tesla 2000, Quantum 3000, Telemere 4000!

Smart EMF Shielding Technology become coherent to our bodies natural frequency. Get a better night sleep, protect your cells, increases head and heart coherence. Magnetic Oscillator with 21 peer reviews.

The Number Bed of Number Beds!

See how your Anti Aging Bed is patent proven better quality sleep!

EMF Protection Of The 21st Century - Is EMF Disrupting Your Life?

You Spend 1/3 Of Your Life Behind Gadgets - Protect Yourself!

Get The BioShield Technology For Home & Office!

Anti Aging Massage Chair Product Link:

EMF Shielding Canopy Dome! See The Live Demonstration

EMF Shielding Canopy - Wow Must See!

Smart Massage Gun Product Link:

Smart Massage Gun

Tai Chi For Health - Get Out Of Your Head & Into Flow

Learn Some Tai Chi - Warm Ups!

Help Us Save Bees! More Than Just A Company - A Purpose!

Help Us Save The Bees - Anti Aging Bed & Operation Honey Bee

How Does The Anti Aging Bed Get Put On?

Anti Aging Unboxing Video

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative - AgVet
John's $5 Ask

Bringing Agriculture Into The 21st Century - AgVet
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  • Jun 20, 2021
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