Invest in YOUR Cellular Health

Invest in YOUR Cellular Health

HUGE “Personal” ROI!
                Invest in your Cellular Health

Americans are dealing with the impact of COVID on our daily lives.  As the pandemic continues to change the way we live daily, some interesting data has emerged from the last year of COVID impact, and the way Americans are spending money.  The number of positive benefits, when choosing “the right investments” may be found.  A recent Home Advisor report shows House and Home top the list of COVID era household spending.

Mischa Fisher, the chief economist at HomeAdvisor, said:  "A greater cultural focus on home design and home entertainment, an aging housing stock and a shortage of new home construction — among many other fundamental factors — were already resulting in more spending on home improvement, home maintenance, and home emergency repair, and also continued this year,"  

Homeownership, a cornerstone of the average American’s investment profile, traditionally represents the most valuable asset, for most Americans, the primary home or residence.  

A recent survey found that Americans buying habits are shifting. Budgets, per household, reflect spending patterns have shifted, during the COVID crisis.  Previously Americans spent money on experiences such as dining out, trips, or even commuting related costs.  In a COVID impacted world Americans are spending their resources on more tangible goods. 

Indeed, 33% shifted commuting budgets; 48% shifted vacation budgets, and 54% shifted restaurant budgets into home services, according to the survey. 

Shifting buying habits to increase the value of your biggest investment is a positive trend.  Increasing the resale value of your biggest asset is traditionally a good use of funds.  Making the same level of investment into your health, is equally as important, possibly more so - but often not given the same level of regard, as an investment with a “tangible return” - like upgrading to Solar for your home.

Sprucing up your house, investing in your “most valuable” asset, makes sense.  Yet when the same investment level, in your health, is proposed - many balk at the prospect.  Replacing windows to increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, in your home, is a regular “update” to an aging house.  Reducing oxidative stress, across all the cells in your body, provides the same “update” to your aging body.  In the same way weather stripping, more efficient windows, and solar panels make your property more attractive for a prospective future owner.  Your body in contrast is the only model (with current technology) you will ever “occupy”.

The windows, heating and cooling infrastructure, and presentation of your home all embody the technology at the time the home was built.  Upgrades to a structure make sense, technology gets better, and gives an immediate return and benefit.  Lower heating and cooling costs, for example, are a benefit of “current tech” windows and solar panels.  Your sleep environment should be given the same level of review.

NANOag technology, provided by JRB Ent Group, IS that new technology.  The result is not only better health, by sleeping on this new technology, but reduced health care costs is also a prospective benefit.  If you feel better, sleep more deeply, and have more energy - why would you go to the Doctor?  

Check out the latest “Upgrade” for your sleep environment (insert site) with a NANOag cover for your current mattress, or upgrade your entire platform with a new category of sleep!    

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