Sleep Better Now For Only $100 Down
How Can We Impact The Local Community?

HAPPY TUESDAY! Every Day that ends in "Y" has the potential to be a FANTASTIC DAY! Better days start with a night of rejuvenating night of rest. Improve your community with the only impact you can make, changing YOU. #TerrificTuesday #antiagingbed #health #operationhoneybee Take it from the #CDC Sleep is vital to health

1% of your purchase goes to Operation Honey Bee! Help save bees and make the environment more sustainable. Mattresses and covers are made in the USA!

Anti Aging Bed's CEO John Baxter, also has a knack for the environment. Hes taken on big business and beat billion dollar companies in federal court. In 2014 he founded a non profit in order to help save bees and bring a message of cultural transformation. This is especially important after Covid-19 where his home county, Orange County Florida was heavily impacted by the due to the virus and restrictions.

  • Oct 06, 2020
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