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Sleep Deprivation, Aging, and Health: Sleep Diplomat Matt Walker

Sleep deprivation is killing us - slowly but surely and prematurely.  Aging, immune system health, cognition and memory training, and general mental health - are all affected by a regimen of sleep that is less than five to six hours a night.

Matt Walker - a renowned sleep specialist - gives a great talk - with regard to the benefits of getting eight hours a night, or more, of deep restorative sleep.  The points made during the talk are based on real studies and data. I recommend you take fifteen minutes and review the TED talk.

Not enough sleep is bad for your brain.  The receptors in your brain that command retention and new process mapping are unresponsive for those in a sleep-deprived state.  These have been measured at a forty percent reduction in retention capabilities. This data flies in the face of “pulling an all-nighter” as a positive strategy for prepping for an exam or work task.  A good night’s rest is the best preparation, hands down.

A restorative sleep cycle is also imperative for the battle against time, the core of our aging process.  Sleep-deprived men present a biological age that is ten years older than their chronological age, based on the measurement of testosterone.  This measurement has an adverse effect on brain maladies - such as Alzheimer’s disease - and other brain plaque related illnesses. 

As we age sleep may become more elusive.  So what are we to do about this problem? Modern medicine says “take a sleeping pill”.  This is not the correct answer either. Sleeping pills are blunt instruments and DO NOT assist in the brain cleansing activity that deep sleep brings.  A nonnarcotic sleep aid exists, a brand new category of sleep products, you may find more about them at

The #antiagingbed tech directly promotes the electrical cleaning system that our bodies run on.  Aging and dementia are challenged by sleeping your way to better health, the antiagingbed technology directly responds with your body’s electrical system - super powering your sleep cycle - for longer and deeper sleep, every night.  We spend a third of our lives in bed - make the most of this time naturally and positively affect your sleep life.

The body and mind benefits of deeper and longer sleep also directly affect your cardiovascular system.  As an example - daylight savings - which happens twice a year show some startling data. When we lose an hour’s sleep THE NEXT DAY the number of heart attacks increases by twenty four percent (24%) over the “standard” heart attack per day rate.  Conversely when we gain an hour the daily heart attack number decreases by twenty-one percent (21%). Further data also shows a correlative decrease or increase in car crashes and other fatal errors in life. Put simply - more sleep makes life better!


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  • Feb 26, 2020
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