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Can Grounding Improve Your Sleep?

Earth Day has many meanings to many different people. For some its about reducing pollution, wasting while planting trees, but for many people, Earth Day, which takes place annually on April 22, is also about connecting to the Earth. The Earth's negative electrical potential to be exact!

The modern movement called “grounding,” also known as grounding the body, can be accomplished by standing barefoot on the ground. Did you know about the Grounded Bed and Mattresses?

What is Grounding and how can you positively impact your health today?


Can Grounding improve your sleep?

Grounding is connecting your body directly to the earth’s surface to receive the abundant negative potential of the Earth. Thes negative electrons act as mechanical anti oxidants for the body to reduce oxidative stress and is also found to be the treatment and prevention of autoimmune and inflammation.

Grounding has come about in the last few decades, but practice is as old as time itself.

Emerging research from within the earthing community shows grounding has some potentially positive effects on sleep and health:How to practice earthing for better sleep and health

Stepping barefoot on the earth, though befitting as an Earth Day ritual, is neither the most convenient nor effective way to practice earthing—especially now, when health experts recommend we spend most of our time indoors to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The solution: a grounding mat you can put over your mattress while you sleep. Earthing sleep mats fit under your bed sheets and are meant to be plugged into a grounded outlet (i.e. one with three prongs). Generally, they’re made from a 100% conductive carbon tech material, as carbon is the chemical element that conducts the earth’s energy.

“Grounding mats create an electrical connection between your body and the earth,” Debra Sullivan, PhD, tells Healthline. “The idea is to replicate the physical connectivity one would make by walking barefoot on the ground.” You can also place these mats on the floor or in your office and use them during the day to ground yourself, says Sullivan.

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