Grandma's Transformative Story Now Joe's Story Unfolds

Grandma's Transformative Story Now Joe's Story Unfolds

Losing the concept of “OLD” age.

The chronological vs biological story starts here.

Recently I posted a tale of an old woman and a broken hip.  That story still continues, the first post in the story, tells a still-unfolding tale.

I have been working on the NANOag technology for a long time, and have a number of people, across many states who have chosen to choose new tech over big pharma.  Sleep your way to better health, it is real, all your cells voting for immunity boosting actions, and free of oxidative stress.  My challenge has been educating people about cellular stress on the WHOLE system that is the body.  Many feel an immediate benefit - when engaging with our health technology. 

Check out the Grandma story, its a testimony to the power of electrical health technology.

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Grandma’s journal entries have generated feedback from other users of my products. The following is the story of a friend for a number of years.  Due to our association, he has been a test user for many iterations of the NANOag tech, including the version now available, the NANOag health technology we are currently shipping.

We will call my friend “Joe”, it’s a common enough name.  Joe is in his early fifties, I have known him for more than ten years and have watched him age, like most, by growing out and shrinking in height.  Joe is a hard-driving big guy who does nothing lightly.  A few years ago Joe and I were working together on a project and I commented on his weight, it was high, and his color was not good.  Joe is a big guy, almost a foot taller than me, on a sunny day, I am eclipsed by his shadow.  

Joe did not take kindly to my comment that he looked like crap.  His weight was well over 300 pounds and there was no real exercise regimen, except golf with a cart, in his weekly routine.  His diet consisted of almost nothing green and all things bleeding - accompanied by strong drink and nicotine.  Not a good mix, I was truly worried for my friend’s health.

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I will tell you that Joe does survive past this pinnacle of bad health.  We spoke at length, I called after receiving his journal notes, during the Christmas 2020 slow down.  Though I occasionally work with Joe and have seen his health change, I was not aware of the impact my “advice” - and my patented technology had made in his life.  I have seen the changes.  

Until I read the notes from his journey to health I did not understand the impact my “nudges” had made.  The changes in Joe took a few years.  As he stands today, the same height, standing straight, his weight is just under 220.  

Sugar, once a constant, is now a rarity.  Juice and plant-based (green stuff) dominate his diet, though he will still eat a steak, albeit a smaller one.  Joe has cemented the change, he lost close to my ENTIRE BODY WEIGHT, at a great pace.  All sustainable change is small and incremental.  Joe sets a great example of how to get it done the right way.  

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Over the next few weeks, I will release portions of Joe’s diary, his personal notes, with regard to shedding his old ways and becoming the leader (of himself) he has long striven to be.  

The biggest loser guys give you all this advice …OR you can use STS and a cover .. reset your gut and get your cells working in your favor .. that’s what Joe did, but more on that next time.

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