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Grandma Reveals Healing Technology During Holidays Series Part 3

Grandma's Big Reveal?

Christmas is almost upon us, and when we last left the tale of Grandma, she was interacting with the healing combination of C60 and NANOag tech.  Recovering from an emergency hip replacement, a few states away from home, she has returned home and has moved her bed back upstairs, away from the sleeping chair, back into her bed.

Her physical therapy has been progressing, but her sleep has continued to be impacted, the glee of “her best night of sleep ever” on night one of bed rest after the surgery, has faded.  In her entry from 12-21 Grandma makes reference to using the C60 to take away the pain, after waking with a sore lower back.  More on how these things work together later in the post.

Grandma’s Notes - December 22, 2020
    30 Days since the date of the Hip Injury (The day before Thanksgiving)

Yesterday I transitioned from a walker to a cane. I was so excited to be able to
    go up and down the stairs and be able to sleep in my bed
that I totally overdid it (physically) getting things set up and putting my house back together.

When I went to bed last night I was in a lot of back and leg pain.
    The C60 eliminated the pain

but it was about 4:30 this morning before I stopped thrashing around and calmed down enough to relax. I got plenty of sleep (according to my Fitbit) in between tossing and turning but I do not feel rested this morning. 

I'm very sleepy and somewhat tired. I'm going to take it a little easier today and see how it goes tonight.

After reading today’s entry I called Grandma, she is a delight, and we have common approaches and views on many topics. My goal during the call …  I wanted to understand her attitude about the C60, its topical use, and our NANOag tech. The use of narcotic pain killers is usually followed by major surgery, such as a complete hip replacement.  Grandma used some pain meds during the surgery but has lived a non-narcotic life for many years, and returned to that trend upon exiting the hospital. 

I asked this seventy-eight-year-old woman, as a health professional for many years, about how she is handling the challenge of sleeping in pain, without narcotics, after replacing a major joint in her body and accepting replacement titanium, in the injured hip joint.  Her response surprised me.

 “I put the C60 on the area of the surgery, its an oil, so it rubs in well.  About five, maybe seven minutes, after I lie down on the cover the pain is gone.  I do not toss and turn and sleep without pain, and awake without pain”

I could not be more pleased.  We have had high hopes for the magnetic relationship between toxins, C60, and our grounding technology.  The results we are seeing, in Grandma’s case, are real-time and happening right now. 

As I continued the conversation with Grandma … she is so excited about returning to work.  Our conversation progressed to how she could equip her desk station with the cover technology, if you remember, she spent a week in a recliner covered with our NANOag technology.  We worked out a solution, we provide a Desk Station perfect for long hours at a stack of technology, whether work or play. 

Grandma’s will soon be equipped with the “desk station grounding tech”, more on that in the next post!  Stay tuned for more on Grandma’s path to health and cellular health.

The experts say Grandma is not alone …

“Perhaps one of the biggest concerns of senior adults as they age is the possibility of a broken hip. Along with the pain associated with such an occurrence comes the fear of disability and even death. Unfortunately, broken hips and the elderly tend to go together, so it’s a good idea to understand the prognosis and complications if your loved one is dealing with this condition.

While it takes a severe impact such as a car accident for a younger person to get a fractured hip, for older adults, a simple fall when they are standing can result in a broken hip, and for those with really weak bones, twisting the wrong way can lead to a fracture.

Over 300,000 people have a hip fracture in the United States each year with the vast majority being over the age of 65. Also, women tend to get hip fractures more often than men. In fact, 70% of all fractures occur in women.”

According to LINK

Have a Grandma in your life that could use the gift of mobility THIS holiday season?  Find out more below.

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