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Grandma Healing Holidays A month since “The Fall” - Christmas Day Series Part 7

Grandma Healing Holidays
A month since “The Fall” - Christmas Day
Series Part 7

Grandma had an interesting Christmas day.  A little over a month since “The Fall”, the bicycle incident in Coastal Florida.  Needless to say, Grandma DID NOT ask Santa for a bicycle!


As I have mentioned Grandma tends to push a bit hard, and can handle her side of a debate.  Her recount of Christmas Day 2020 starts with the evening prior, after spending the day at her Daughters house.  I will let her take it from here ….

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{Grandma} - “Oh my! What a night. (My Daughter) tried to take me home after Christmas eve and an early dinner gathering with family. We got caught in a snowstorm. We could not get up the hill to my house (in my Daughers vehicle, I am not driving yet) and were delayed getting home because of snowy traffic and many accidents. It was a terrifying experience!


It snowed 2 1/2 inches in ninety minutes and we were out in it (driving) for the whole thing.”


It is important to note that Grandma’s daughter DOES not have the NANOag tech in her house, it is on order, and shipping over the holidays is challenging, even without the COVIC19 hurdles to business.  Grandma’s daughter does have an EARTHING mat, a previous iteration of our NANOag technology, she is using this during her time at her Daughters house.


Though less effective, our technology is many times more effective than the Earthing tech, from a cellular health standpoint the Earthing tech is about a third, or less, effective than our currently shipping NANOag tech.  The C60 is also a component to be taken into account.  The magnification of stress relief, at a cellular level, with the C60 is still under testing - we have seen nothing but success - Grandma is a glaring example of that success!  

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{Grandma} continues … I spent the night at (Daughter and Son in Law’s house). I had a very fitful night of ‘sleep’. Lots of thrashing around. 


I had an attack of heartburn which I've never had before. It had to be cumulative stress, from the activity of the day, and a very scary car ride .. to nowhere. The night was very scary and very painful. 

(my Daughter) hooked up her little earthing mat and I put it under my hip. This helped to keep the pain under control. It was not a fun night but I did get some quality sleep in spite of everything. I do not feel like I can leap tall buildings today.”


I have seen this many times before.  Since inventing the NANOag technology, and interacting with our customers, I have seen the cellular withdrawal from the grounded experience.  Grandma is hyper susceptible to this syndrome, having just endured (within the last month or so) a COMPLETE hip replacement.  


Her interaction with our products as set the expectation, at a cellular level, that the STRESS that shows up as PAIN, is supposed to shed.  The combination of the C60 and the grounding tech supply the same or MORE EFFECTIVE pain relief, without narcotics.  This is key.


More later, Grandma sends me an update daily, and (when we can make the time) I have the pleasure of discussing her path to healing in real-time.  Have I mentioned that I love my job?


Stay tuned, more to come

John Baxter




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