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Augment, Supplement & Enhance Biology with Technology

We are committed to the augmentation, supplementation & enhancement of our biology through our technology and forever change the world, as we know it. As we exit the Industrial Age and find ourselves within the Information Age, the need for a company that has the capability, know-how and acumen to bridge this gap has never been greater.  To capitalize on the incredible velocity of the changing face of the consumer market has never been greater. Anti Aging Bed® is uniquely positioned as the one company combining the continued consumer use of ubiquitous everyday Industrial Age products, like a mattress, by embedding advanced patented Information Age technology for the betterment of mankind.

Anti Aging Bed®, its founders and team are committed to bringing us closer to the future by spearheading the inevitable merging of technology with household platforms. Our unique presence in this overlapping space between Industrial Age and Information Age positions us one of the world leaders in the merging age-old lifestyle goods & services with current and future technological advancements. The Anti Aging Bed® is an industry first.

Anti Aging Bed edict is to continually introduce hybrid lines of Industrial Age platforms & Information Age products. Expanding spherically outward from the sleep surface, almost limitless opportunity for penetration of ancillary & additional markets exists; anti-aging sheets, toppers, blankets, comforters & pillows to name a few. Continued penetration into the lifestyle arenas of goods & services will yield endless opportunities to release additional platforms of hybrid Industrial Age/ Information Age technology; health promoting optical energy lamps, air quality enhancement systems, water modification systems & more. We are committed to the augmentation, supplementation & enhancement of our biology through our technology & in so doing, changing the world, as we know it.

Aging and injury are exactly the same process... oxidative stress. But what does oxidative stress actually mean? Simply put, when the amount of damage (oxidation) to tissue exceeds that of the body’s ability to heal (anti-oxidation), oxidative stress ensues and tissue dies, as do you. Striping away all the pomp and circumstance, anything, anything that damages (oxidizes) you steals electrons from healthy tissue and conversely, anything, ANYTHING that DONATES ELECTRONS is an anti-oxidant. We think of anti-oxidants as “nutrients” that we get from food, but in reality, our body will take electrons anywhere it can get them.

Unbeknownst to the general public, the Earth carries with it a net negative charge (from free electrons). We as Humans are supposed to be in near constant contact with the Earth, it’s free electrons and as such derive the benefit’s of free and mobile electrons therein... but we’re not. The fact is we go about our day suspended in free space separated from the Earth and can never eat enough anti-oxidant raw, organic sacred & holier-than-thou food to keep up with the damage we are subjected to daily.

From the very instant a person lays on the Anti-Aging Bed, you become bathed in tidal wave after tidal wave of innumerable free electrons siphoned from the Earth. Remember that anything, anything that DONATES electrons acts as an anti-oxidant... healing your body. As you are enjoying all the benefits of this tsunami of mobile and free electrons, simultaneously your body is being saturated in an ambient energy embedded in the substrate that has been shown clinically to increase oxygenation and circulation to the tissue. As if that wasn’t enough, while all that’s happening, you are being enveloped in a cloud of silver ions that have been shown conclusively to kill pathogens.

Take your sleep and your life to the next level.

  • Feb 15, 2020
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