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All New Hotelier Pillow Top Mattress From Anti Aging Bed
Solving decades old problems in the mattress industry is what were all about. For decades the mattress industry has done a poor job of offering traditional products that fits the needs of everyone. They have cut all the corners on products for consumers. Our solution of our talk today is about a category called "Big and Tall" a market left behind by the mattress industry. What is considered Big and Tall? Generally people generally over 200 lbs or 6 ft + tall that don't have access to better products. The consumer sector of the mattress industry caters to low price poor quality mattresses are made to last 3 - 8 years.

Our developers took the approach that we wanted a one size fits all model that catered to the big and tall community. We collaborated with one of the industries longest private mattress hotel brand to create a product that has already been the most successful hotel mattress the last 3 years and the Hotelier Pillow Top was born. Fits any size person, especially someone afraid of a saggy mattress or a bad mattress investment.

Form meets function and revolutionary technology. Each Hotelier Pillow Top Mattress comes with the amazing Anti Aging Bed cover technology. You'll get the reassurance of having the best traditional mattress offering comfort and support, but also the rest assurance of our grounding, far infrared, and sleep health cover technology.

Ordering began Friday Sept 18th! We are very excited about the launch of this new product.

John Baxter
Consumer: Anti Aging Bed
Medical: Detox Bed

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  • Sep 19, 2020
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